Youth participation in Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative

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youth participation in cynbi

“The youth must realize their core role in shaping events in our society and defining the future.”


Across globe, youth are gradually accepting the need for them to get involve in the political process of their society.

Their long abstinence in politics have caused devastating hurt to their interests as not only did the old order persisted but the decision on the future have been left with those who have no stake.

Disturbingly, however, is that Nigerian youth have not been convincing enough that their participation in politics will halt the uninspiring attitudes of the past.

Unlike their counterparts in other countries, Nigerian youth are still lost in the shadow of older order. Instances abound how misguided orientations have marred youth participation in politics, causing further mistrust in their capacity to take charge of the future.

Even more worrisome is the disposition of some youth to politics.

They show endless disdain for politics and watch things slide but are always quick to pick faults when social and economical target go awry. That posture have to change.

No doubt politics sounds obnoxious. Even some people refers to it as a dirty game.

However, youth must realize their core role in shaping events in our society and defining the future, hence, they must get themselves involve.

As much as getting involved in politics is important, youth must clearly define their targets and goals.

It is unfortunate that youth are easily misguided for disruptive purpose in the political process.

From being deployed as thugs, ballot snatchers and other irresponsible characters, youth participation in politics have been manipulated to leave sore experience.

But this narrative can be corrected if necessary orientation is applied. The misguided orientations needed to be countered with right ideology that sways toward remedy. Youth needed to understand the value of their political participation and the right way to go about it.

Thuggery, bribe-for-vote and other disorderliness are attitudes they must shunned.

Available statistics confirmed their numerical strength to dictate the political climate if they rally each other to participate in politics, however, not as disruptive element.

France President, Emmanuel Macron, is a clear proof of what youth participation in politics can achieved. While it may take sometime but as usual, a journey of 10,000 miles begin with a step.

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