The Charitable Youth for Nation Building initiative team travelled from various parts of Nigeria including Ibadan to serve food to the children of the Free the Child Margaret orphanage located in Iwo. The team was in the office as early as 5am and had all food items purchased, cooked and ready for departure by 8am. The team headed for the orphanage by 9am. Upon arrival, they were warmly received by the children who had been eagerly waiting on their arrival. Looking forward to a special for the holidays.

Upgrading george iwilade library

In an increasingly digital world, we see the role of libraries as community and cultural centers at times undervalued, and occasionally under fire. When shrinking government budgets combine with the nonstop technological revolution, public library services that focus on building community face-to-face, inspiring and educating the younger ones about art, sciences, literature, and music, and helping them engage in civil discourse can seem quaint
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This Christmas, Charitable Youth for Nation Building (CYNB) supported selected women, based on vulnerability and poverty level, within Iwo, Osun State. The activity was coordinated by Mr Kabiru Adisa Kulukulu, the Coordinator of CYNB in the state alongside other members of CYNB in the state. Two bags of rice were evenly shared among 60 needy women on Tuesday morning to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ.


The CYBNI team gathered at 8am in Iwo with some of them traveling from as far as Ibadan. Supplies distributed to the community included 100kg worth of bags of rice. A total of 60 people from the community turned up and received food supplies.
The community was overjoyed by the show of kindness from
CYBNI and it’s partners that relentlessly donate to causes like this. Members from the community thanked CYNBI bad prayed for the continuity of the programme and more blessings to the investor and the people involved with the Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative. Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative is contributing her own quota to the development of our Country. Please join us, together we can do much more for the development and the growth of this platform. Stand with CYNBI!

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