Our causes

General COMMUNITY development

We believe in promoting the values of understanding, unity, love, and peace both within the community and between the community and its surrounding areas, in order to enhance national integration and harmonious co-existence.

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We seek to enhance the community’s socio-economic development by creating a platform that can give people the opportunity and capacity to direct economic, social and environmental resources towards sustainable outcomes that improve lives. By providing networking opportunities and operating financial systems, such as co- operative societies, we pursuit the promotion of member’s economic interests and welfare.

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We pursue to create a platform able to mobilize youth for sustainable development, empowerment and growth. Youth is believed to be an indispensable ingredient in Nigeria and its democratic process. It is incontrovertible that youths are possessed with dynamism, creativities, talents and energies, which if given the platform to explore, will add more value to governance. Nonetheless, youths are easily ignored when considerations for governance are made. Without a doubt, not considering youth input have contributed immensely to the major challenges facing Nigeria as a nation.

We believe that involving and empowering young brains through the political process will make a significant difference in youth’s patriotism zeal and Nigeria’s Democracy. Certainly, their participation in politics will halt the uninspiring attitudes of the past.

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We provide charitable services for the less privileged members of the society, focusing especially in the young, the children, the women and the downtrodden members of the society. Supporting education through scholarships and loans and enhancing people’s healthcare by funding medical bills, we seek to support and promote the rights and welfare of all the people in the community,

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Leadership Education

We seek to promote educational leadership programs within the community by establishing institutions that include leadership education as a priority within the instructional curriculum. We also contribute to the cause by grating special merit awards to worthy members of the community that have shown outstanding leadership.

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