Shine bright in the lives of those less fortunate that you are. Your giving empower people in poor communities enabling live above poverty levels. Join us in our goal eradicate poverty from our community by 2050. Here are all the ways you can give!


Sponsor a Farmer with Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative. Sponsoring a farmer is a personal way to your quota to feed two billion more people by 2050 and ensure youth participation in politics and government.  For $49 a month, you’ll help farmers and their community to stand tall, free from shortage of food.  To let us know that you are interested click the link below;


Give a gift. Change a life. Help children and families in need. Honor those less fortunate with a free personalized gift card along with a message. Be a light and shine bright in the lives of the unfortunate. Empower people out of poverty for good. Choose how often to give, it can be a one time, a monthly or yearly donation. Give a gift using the link down below.


Raising Funds for Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative

  • Raise funds for Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative through Facebook on your birthday
  • Raise funds for Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative through online platforms
  • Organize events like Marathons to raise funds for Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative
  • Organize private events and invite friends and families to participate.
Your fundraising efforts big or small will go a long way in contributing to the our causes. Please see our causes here and be inspired. Start a fundraiser now!


Join us at one of our Nigeria locations and help prepare products for distribution to families/farmers and youths in need.Depending on the site, tasks may include:

  • Sorting donated items like medical supplies, clothing, shoes, school supplies, personal care products and more
  • Stocking shelves and facilitating product distributions
  • Assisting with special events like school supply or other product drives
  • Assembling various kits for use locally

Volunteer as an individual, or register for a group activity.


Extreme hunger. Drought. Conflict. These are the deadly forces that children and families throughout Sub Sahara Africa are facing. With the looming threat of famine in parts of Sub Sahara Africa, tens of thousands of children could starve to death because of food and water shortages. Your gift to the Sub Sahara Africa Hunger Crisis will help save precious lives in Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Niger and Chad so on. And because of grant funds, your gift will have 12 X the impact to provide emergency food, clean water, access to life-saving medical care, and more to children and families fighting for their lives. ​


Monthly giving is the most convenient and effective way to help vulnerable children and their communities. Your gifts will be carefully assigned wherever they’re needed the most, meeting the crucial needs of today and the ever-changing needs of tomorrow.  See your ongoing impact through updates and beautiful stories. As someone at the very heart of this ministry, you’ll get our award-winning Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative magazine! This inspiring publication will show you the power of your generosity through stories, photos, and prayer requests. 


Together we can eradicate poverty and hunger from rural Nigeria by 2050